De la Peinture à la Poésie

Nasieku Orkan

Nasieku Orkan is the artist name of Ursula Oppermann-Weber. Since 2010 she paints under this name.

Nasieku is the name that the Massai in Kenia have found for Ursula Oppermann-Weber – „the preceding women“. Orkan is the synonyme for the strong power and energy of nature.


Born on 23.12.1959 in Munich

At the beginning artistically orientated until the start of studying arts, internship in a gallery, furthermore the change to an ecconomic study, development of communication concepts for agencies, independent with own consulting business, leading positions, expert in personal-, leading-, cultural- and organisation development.

In 2010 finding back in painting.
Actual working as Instructive commissioned at different colleges, coach, consultant, presenter, author and painter.

  • Member of crossart internationalsince since 2016
  • Member of Kunst in Germany since 2017

Just Colours

Colourful, diversified, always with new combinations, expressive, versatile, following the vibrations of life, the ´How`stronger than the ´What`, connected to a deeply positive embassy.

Her paintings are compositions of powerful bright colours those express the power, movement and diverse beauty of life.


  • 2014 ´Just Colours`, single exhibition at charity concert, Cologne
  • 2017 ´Crossmas` group exhibition about crossart, Düsseldorf
  • 2018 ´Ateliers Lafayette` exhibition in a galery of 8 artists, Landernau, Bretagne/ France

The Flowers of Life

„For me, art is the expression of life. Through artistic work it is easy for me to take on a different perspective, to be creative and to think about things in a new or different way and to put these into reality. This artistic way supported me in all my other life areas.“